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What will the future of the hardware tool industry go?

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What will the future of the hardware tool industry go?

After a period of barbaric growth in the hardware tool industry, the development of the industry has encountered a bottleneck. A series of problems, such as low price competition in industry, thin profits, prevailing credit sales and other problems, have hindered the development of the industry. The upgrading of sales channels of hardware and tools industry is urgent.

Thin profit profit point is hard to find

Low level competition in the industry will still be fierce. As the entry threshold is low, a large number of potential entrants are constantly flooded with both manufacturers and sellers. Plus the temporary top enterprises, lack of talent, lack of innovation, many companies are suffering from growing to the ceiling, the boss finally exhausted, the dilemma of enterprise.

Because the brand of large enterprises is basically divided up, those new generation sellers are bound to find new brand agents, which objectively creates huge market demand, and also objectively leads to the continuous emergence of new brands by manufacturing enterprises. Although new businesses are springing up, a large number of brands enter the market again and again, but for many enterprises and manufacturers, profits are becoming more and more small. Under the pressure of multiple, traditional dealers have a rough time, turnover and profits both fell, profit point is hard to find.

The prevalence of sale on credit has become a chronic disease in the industry

Since the retailer in this industry is basically a small business at the beginning, it is basically up to the upstream support to develop. An indisputable fact is that an annual sales of about twenty million vendors, receivables 2 million; an annual sales of about thirty million manufacturers, receivables basically to ten million. As long as the management is a little careless, the enterprise will be dragged and dragged down, not to mention the development of innovation.

"Change the channel Internet plus"

The impact of the Internet tide, explore the hardware electrical industry is also entered into the "Internet plus" in. Many brand dealers and distributors try to expand sales channels by mobile Internet technology, and establish online and offline sales network.

Many hardware enterprises have established Internet stores on Taobao and Tmall. In addition, there are micro marketing, the current trend of online development is relatively good, there is a trend of increasing year by year.

The entry of Internet has a good effect on the traditional ills of hardware tools. It has great practical significance for further standardization of industries, reducing intermediate links, and standardizing the whole process. On the one hand, the existing maladies in the treatment of the industry, on the other hand, further standardize the industry, I believe the Internet will be a good medicine for the hardware tool industry.