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Hardware tool sales

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It is not an easy thing to do sales of hardware tools. To achieve good performance, we must master some skills and methods.

Introductory article

A green hand tools, it's very important to master the skills,

The distinct personality characteristics, knowledge of tools to remember.

Installation skills to master hands and brains,

Before you start to prepare, all kinds of samples can not be less.

Training text

Map card identity card, tool package quotation,

Avoid blindly running, the data must be collected.

Think carefully before visiting, all kinds of factors are thoughtful,

First impressions are important in wearing neat etiquette.

The first introduction is to meet, and the business card will be delivered at the same time.

Speak less and listen more and more observation, the customer needs to remember.

DJ Java Decompiler

All over the country to talk about, astronomy and geography are required,

How fine look, look for the topic of the good.

When the atmosphere is in harmony, it is time to talk about the brand.

The characteristics of the demand point, the real selling point to talk about.

To avoid the price, to talk about the value, not to talk about the quality of cheap.

All the advantages talk about the customer's psychological grasp.

Heart war

There are eight fears for a customer transaction, and the salesman wants to know.

The quality of the tool is poor, and two of the tools are high.

Three tools can not back, afraid of bad equipment four,

Five afraid of the small market, six afraid of the market is not very good.

Seven if the rebate is not high enough, if not rush delivery eight,

All kinds of psychology know that business is sure to deal.

Zimian article

The management concept is more advanced, and the culture is not proud,

It takes patience to pay attention to sales, and little love at first sight.

The target customers pay more attention to the entrance to the market.

Sometimes special visits, sometimes on the way to talk.

For a long time, we will be able to have love.

Once the customer is moved, the time to sell the tool is.